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Preliminary Election Results & Voting Cure Letters

Dear Harding Friends,

We thank you for your calls and emails asking about election results and offering congratulations. We had hoped to issue final election numbers to you by now, but the counting of the ballots is taking tremendously long.  We may not have final results until November 17, 2020 or later, and the results may not be certified until November 20, 2020.  

As of last night, we continue to hold a significant lead of 963 and 923 votes as compared to our opponents' votes of 604 and 600.  We would expect that lead to continue to grow as the ballots are counted in order, and the Republican turnout was lighter early on and very high in the days leading up to election day and on election day.  

Also, please keep your eyes open for any letters from the Morris County Board of Elections. This is likely a cure letter, which means you need to take further action for your vote to be counted.  Cure letters need to be returned by 11/18/2020 either in person, by mail, by email or fax. We want your vote to count, so don't throw away any mail from the Election Board! Here is a picture of a letter posted by the Warren County Republican Committee:

Many of the other Morris County races that were prematurely called/reported have also turned around to have Republicans in the lead as the ballots continue to be counted.  Again, we would expect these leads to continue to grow based upon the timing of party ballots and the sequencing of the counting. Full Morris County results continue to be updated daily and are available at:

We thank you for your support and look forward to announcing final results as soon as they are posted! Please reach out to us with any questions at or 201-919-8098.

Chris & Rita

Committee for Yates and Chipperson
11 Fawn Hill Drive, Morristown, NJ 07960
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